R2W Health Advisory Update      

October 18, 2005



East Coast Family & Friends for the love, support, visit & home cooking Ė especially Dukes Mayo & Country Ham!

Doc & Sam for the encouragement and support.

Rocky for spreading the word and always volunteering for an open shift.

Ralph for all the visits and meals youíve shown up with.

Boeing Group, all of the e-mails and calls have brought a smile to Dadís face!

We are truly thankful for all of the thoughts, prayers and support that have come to Dad and the family through cards, calls and visits. We couldnít ask for a better support group!


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Current Status

While we had seen some improvement on R2Wís initial return home, this past week Dad had almost reverted to being bedridden. His minimal eating habits are practically non-existent. He missed radiation treatments last week on Monday and Tuesday on account of dehydration.  Tuesday, October 11 he was admitted to Hoag for rehydration in an effort to continue with his radiation treatment.

We admitted Dad back to Hoag Sunday night, October 16, concerned that the lack of improvement in his activity and weak immune system might be conducive to pneumonia.

Dad does not have pneumonia, but he does have an infection in his throat. They took another MRI and cat scan to observe any progress he may have made during treatment. There is a meeting scheduled this morning, October 18 with Dr. Klein, Dadís chemotherapy oncologist. This meeting will help us understand Dadís current state and further course of treatment.


      October 18 meeting with Dr. David Klein determine further course of treatment

      October 16 admitted to Hoag concerned with breathing and possibilities of pneumonia (diagnosed with throat infection) Ė still in hospital room 821

      October 11 at noon, admitted to Hoag for rehydration, returned at 6:45 PM that night

      October 10, stopped radiation treatment body too weak

      September 27 started physical therapy.  He had three good appointments, but soon became too tired to continue

      September 24-27, Dadís brothers and sisters came to town for some love and support! The time he shared meant so much to him and the family.

      September 21, Dad came home

      September 8, dad released to Manor Care

      September 2, surgery to remove tumor. Removed 70 - 80% 

      August 31, MRI and Cat Scan, identified tumor; transferred to Hoag Hospital at 8PM

      August 30, Dad taken to primary care physician, Dr. Klein. He was checked into Huntington Beach Hospital.

      August 25, took him to the ER, but he was released Ė no admission

      August 24 first time Dad spoke of disorientation at home and feeling it was his time Pain did not alleviate with antibiotics, or with weekly visits to the doctor.

      July 29, 2005 sign of bigger problem; Dad was bedridden with migraine and an intense earache. Took him to his ear doctor.

      Early July friends suggested Dad might have had a stroke. He was taken to his doctor the following day; MRI indicated no signs of stroke.