It is in loving memory of our father, Robert Rambo Williams (R2W) that I send this letter out to friends and family, as a proud witness of his life.


Dad passed away last night, November 6, 2005 at 5:45 PM, in his home surrounded by his loved ones. While the cancer did spread, it was the brain cancer, also known as a sleeping tumor, which placed him in a sleep by Thursday, November 3 and put him to rest last night.


The family has set a tentative schedule for services this week; planning a vigil for Wednesday evening and funeral Thursday morning at Saint Barbara's Catholic church [730 S. Euclid, Santa Ana, CA]. We are waiting to finalize dates and times with the priest and will send the information out later today or tomorrow.


We appreciate the support, well wishes, thoughts and prayers that have comforted the family the last few months.


What I find most amazing in our dad is behind his burly and intimidating façade is an incredibly soft-center, and a man who always found that in giving was receiving. Considering his pride and stubbornness, he always found room for humility. He wanted nothing more than to have a home that was welcoming to friends and family alike – something as simple as a BBQ always bound the family together. He consistently recognized the small things in life, which make us all feel important because we always knew there was that someone else who acknowledged our existence and achievements.  


I am hoping that you all will be able to make time this week to acknowledge and celebrate everything we love in the life of our friend, our mentor, our father, Robert R. Williams.