Eulogy read by daughter Mary Elizabeth at Rosary on November 9, 2005


In Loving Memory of My Father

Robert Rambo Williams

May 16, 1936 – November 6, 2005



By: Mary Elizabeth Williams #9


As your daughter I feel truly blessed

As a father you were the utmost best

To have had you in my life this long

I’m thankful, but I’m sad you’re gone


Bestowing traits and values too

I’m hopeful to be just like you

Self reliant and head strong

Willing to admit you’re wrong (sometimes)


Building friendships that we all admire

As a parent you were one to inspire


Your generosity cannot be matched

Faith a trait you didn’t lack

Dedicated to your loving kids

Recognizing all the small things we did


You always opened up your home

It was hard for us to feel alone

A well loved Papa like no other

A devoted husband and stubborn brother


Helping me raise my son without reserve

Giving me so much more than I deserve





Filling my life with love and with bliss

Dad, there’s so much of you I’m going to miss

Our chats before I went to work

Consoling me when I was hurt

I miss the phone calls galore I received each day

Even the pointless ones where we had nothing to say

Cooking and eating and watching TV

All the times that you said that you’re so proud of me

Your laughter when I’d say I was the favorite

We both know that I am dad you didn’t have to admit it

I miss hearing you say how much you loved my son

And your daily complaints about pretty much everyone

The way that you hugged me when the end was so near

And telling me daily what I needed to hear

I miss all your bear hugs – and of course your love too,

But most of all daddy – I just miss the company of you

Being your daughter was absolutely a treat

I yearn for the next time we’ll be able to meet.

And yet, although you are gone – there’s still so much of you I see

In all the faces that still surround me.



Jean – in you I see dad’s strong will to make things happen


Kathi – your ability to listen and give advice – as well as your gift of chatting on the phone for hours on end


Robbie – you are his namesake – who could ask for a better gift


Damian – you are dad’s strength – just know it is ok to be weak – we are here for you too


Mike – you are the bond the brings us together – you give meaning to the word family


Tom – your gift of humor is definitely from dad – You and Jake aren’t the only funny ones


Trish-Ann – your compassion for others and selflessness are gifts from dad


Joe – your ability to whip up a cheesecake in minutes for a special occasion – if that’s not dad, I don’t know what is.

(and you’re a bit stubborn too)


Heather – you are daddy’s little girl and always will be – you are a true reflection of what he stood for – who he was – and who he is in our hearts


Mom – your unconditional love for your children – coincides with the love dad has for us


Jakob – your good nature and devotion to papa makes it evident why he was so proud of us!


Mr. Armor, Doc, Ralph, Rocky, and Mr. & Mrs. Schwenk (as well as so many others) In you all I see the devoted friend my father was – and I thank you for being a part of his life.


Dad, we are honored to celebrate the distinguished individual you were in our lives – to recognize the united family that you created – to acknowledge your accomplishments as a father, brother, uncle, papa, and friend – and to let you know you were loved so deeply by so many – know that your legacy will live on in us!


Rosary ~ November 9, 2005

Funeral ~ November 10, 2005