Letter from grandson Jakob to his Papa as read at the Rosary 11/10/2005


About my Papa

I remember whenever I heard the ice-cream man I would go to papaís house and there he would be with a new dollar.I remember when my mom and I would go eat over at papaís house, papa would say Iím the meanest guy I know, but the next day we came over and he would say Heís the nicest guy I know Ė and he is the nicest guy I know.Thatís why I would always want to be with him forever, because he always stuck to my side.When he would watch me he would never let anything happen to me.Thatís why I love him with all my heart.Also, whenever he would watch me he would give me a walky-talky so he could call me if he needed anything.Sometimes when I visited he would do the bear trap.Thatís why I would want him to be here Ė because we would always do stuff together.


I love you Papa, love your grandson,

Jake the Snake!

November 9, 2005