Letter to Dad by Daughter Heather as read at Burial.


Dear Daddy,

I Grieve

For my emotion knows no other form, but tears

I fight to stay strong in the presence of others,

But when I am alone I succumb to what feels natural

With this emptiness that consumes me


I Surrender

As my walls are fragile today,

And you are one worth crumbling for

Know that even when I am feeling lost without you,

I am found in the company of your love and in the love of your family


I Smile

Knowing that I breathe because you breathed

I am honored to have known you, to be a part of you and

A part of your amazing family

And I am proud that I can see the traits in you, so deeply embedded in me


I Permit

You to continue on with your journey,

As I was not strong enough to give you that peace

When you were still with me

I will find comfort knowing that I am surrounded by extensions of your life


I Love

As you have taught me how

In giving is receiving,

And may I continue to give what you have bestowed upon me

And make this world all you had planned it to be for those you loved


Sweet dreams Daddy, may I seen you in mine tonight and every night.


All My Love,

Your Darlin Daughter, Heather Marie