How do you write a eulogy for your dad’s funeral?  Not a question I wanted to ask for a long time.  I guess you try to define the man and his life.  So how do you describe a man bigger than life?  If you asked dad who he is/was you would have gotten one of two answers

1)      I am the meanest man on Earth


2)      Shoot Tom I am the nicest guy you will ever know.


To understand who dad was is to understand his family.  How many people watched mom and dad walk ten kids into eight o’clock mass and say “I wonder what it is like in that house!” .  TEN KIDS!  Dad were you CRAZY!

We lived in a house of love.  A warm place we will always call home.


[tell a few stories]

  1. Single income and home for dinner
  2. New Years eve dinner dance and carnivals.
  3. Always eight o’clock mass.
  4. Up at seven a.m. and home by eight a.m. from slumber parties
  5. Christmas one at a time.



Never have ten kids.

What are you doing inside?  It’s a beautiful day outside.

Let me tell you about your friend.


Dad was full of love for others.  Taut me to love and that everyone needs strokes.


He loved November to be Santa


Who could miss Thursdays at Wild Doc Greenways


His Brother Sam – Tell hospital story


Schwenks – Monday night football


Family Back East – geneology.