As Viewed by Mary Elizabeth and Jakob Thomas Micole Elvis Williams


What can really be said about this year?  It was one long journey, and although at times it seemed never ending here we are at the start of a new.


January   the biggest loser (Williams’ version) begins. Mom, Damian, Lisa Mike, T-Ann, Ben and I throw $100 into the pot – winner takes $600 and second place gets their $100 back.   Why do we do this?  Because, no matter how much weight we lose each year… we’re always fat in January. While it appeared from the beginning that it was going to be a landslide with a win from Damian - he was definitely given a run for his money! I signed Jakey up for Fountain Valley Little League (I sold my soul to baseball).  Jakob turns 10 on January 25th, 2006. 


February  Jakob’s 10th birthday was celebrated in February at the Fountain Valley Bowling Alley.  He invited 10 friends.  One friend not to mention any names (Juan) gave him a turtle.  Not a turtle stuffed animal, not a turtle blanket or towel – an actual real live turtle.  While Jakob was not invited to Juan’s birthday party – I had been working on a great gift idea for that kid!  How about a nice slimy boa?  A furry gerbil in a rolling ball?  Or, my neighbor’s cat – that one really would have been a win-win situation. Squishy the turtle made it through March – he was good little turtle and we’ll miss him. 


March   I set out to sixth grade camp leaving Manley, and Big Bri in charge of Jakey with help from Heather and Trish Ann.  Jakey starts his first season of little league – Heather picks him up to take him to his very first game which I told her would be about an hour give or take.  Only to find out that little league games are 2hours and 15min long and that the kids need to be there 45minutes early.  I was a bit off on that and spent most of my life for the next four months participating in some type of baseball activity.  Thanks to everyone who came out and supported Jakey during his games.


April  The 1st of April Jakob took a week long trip with his dad and people from Todd’s fire department out to New Orleans.  They went to help rebuild houses for Katrina victims.  I sent Jakey up with a Journal – I really wasn’t very specific on what I wanted him to write… but being a true Williams he included what he ate at every meal and how Sonic Burger forgot to include his French toast sticks one morning so he went without breakfast that day.  I think we can all relate… you get screwed in the drive thru!  I’m really not sure if anything else important happened in this month… I guess Tom and Mike had birthdays… I was still overwhelmed with all the baseball happenings & Jakob’s team – the White Sox’s were winning pretty much every game.  I did develop new techniques to my Gandhi diet. They included water, water and water… and if you’re really hungry… green beans. 


May  My birthday month. Heather and Ben took me out to TEN for sushi and we all shared a dessert which was delicious!  For Heather’s birthday we took a class on how to make sushi. We made miso soup, tofu salad, spicy tuna hand rolls, along with a couple other fun items.  Heather, Ben and I attended the class and I think we drank someone else’s wine… thanks Ben!


June  Biggest Loser weigh in… Damian wins!!  I came in second just shy of first by three lbs!!! Damian thinks I’m a cheater…Really I’m not… with my body type I have the ability to look fat regardless of how much I weigh… Lucky me!!!    We wrap up the school year – Jakob was able to get on the honor roll three out of the four quarters with a high GPA of 3.9 – I was extremely proud of all his accomplishments over the year in academics as well as the extra curricular activities. I had an extremely difficult time with is fourth grade teacher – and had to conference with her and the principal on the last day of school… glad 4th grade is over! The White Sox’s came in first place for Fountain Valley Little League Champs!!  Jakob received his first trophy for baseball!  Although, because we do not live in Fountain Valley or the required boundaries for this league, Jakob was unable to play in the All-Star playoffs.


July   The family reunites and we celebrate the 4th of July.  Everyone has a pleasant time cleaning up before going home to pack for our long trip to South Carolina on the 5th.  I created snack-packs Mikey provided the picture entertainment of coach/Damian with a nice “sugar-coma” face.  These were passed out as soon as everyone boarded the plane.  Yes, after Pat hit all the first class passengers in the head with his duffel bag while boarding - late.  We arrived at Grandmamas late that afternoon to a wonderful meal put together by out Aunt Annie, and Aunt Joanie! Chicken salad, corn on the cob (the corn on the cob apparently covers all food groups for the McDevitts, so if you didn’t move quickly – you just might miss out on it) tomatoes, and of course ice-cream cake!  It was the best meal ever!!  We had a celebration of life for Papa in which Mikey put together a slide show and some awesome photo albums.  A lot of dad’s friends came and we were able to reminisce and catch up…good times. This was followed by our family reunion which is held every five years.  We got together for fun events such as the balloon toss in which Elvis and I came in first place – the kids made stepping stones and Susan and Chance tried to give Elvis one of their puppies… that was a lot of fun!  We all made a trip out to Myrtle Beach for a week.  I would have to say Heather winning the Bikini contest was one of the highlights.  Everyone took off for home after our week in Myrtle Beach except Mom, Elvis, Georgia, and me.  We stayed at Grandmama’s house for another week – to be met up by Mikey for our road trip home in dad’s truck.


August    I’m not going to lie the road trip was in July but… nothing really happened in August and July is just getting too long… so I’ll tell you about our crazy road trip. Fist, Jakob and Georgia invented the game “Wacky McDevitts”.  In this game they talk like one or several of the wacky McDevitt kids… generally the talk consists of what cartoon character is on whose chonies I know, it’s not the best game… but, it definitely was a nice break from the “I’m not touching you”…  We saw the peachoid water tower, the largest can of spinach water tower, the leaning water tower, a double decker outhouse, the worlds largest cross, Cadillac ranch, the National Civil Rights museum, GRACELAND, and the survivor tree (sight in Oklahoma City where it was bombed).  In addition, we ate at the Big Texan where Mikey tried his best to eat a 72oz steak with a dinner salad, baked potato, shrimp cocktail, and a dinner roll within 60 minutes.  If he was able to handle this task – it would have been free – alas, alas, he did not… but, he sure did make a lot of friends…  He was somewhat of a star after his attempt (he ate 50oz of the steak and everything else) – it was very funny.  We are planning to take another trip out there and have Pat show us how it’s done.  We made it to AZ where we ran into an ostrich farm… this was quite comical because whenever the kids would get rowdy Mikey would say hey kids look out the window at the ostrich farm… and when they’d say where?  Mikey would say you must have missed it – of course there was no ostrich farm… but, I wasn’t going to tell them - and low and behold we find one in AZ. We actually pulled off the road for a photo opportunity… when we saw the sign that said we were at an ostrich farm… Of course we had to stop in and feed the birds..scary!  We stayed with Tom for two days and then made our last 6 hour drive to CA.  It was a fun trip.  Mike and I were slightly addicted to a bit O honey by the time we got to CA and had to go through slight withdrawals... we’re doing ok now.


September    I spent the end of August and beginning of September setting up my class for the new school year.  I went down to mom’s school because she had moved from teaching 4th to 2nd and needed help moving things in her classroom.  We cleaned it up and made new bulletin boards and got her classroom ready too.  I had signed Jakey up for soccer again – his new team is called Dirty Laundry (because they have white uniforms).  Jakey started 5th grade in Mrs. Robinson’s class – he is having a great time. Mom, Kathi, Kristen, Mikey, Tom, Trish Ann, Heather and I went to LA to see John Edwards from Crossing Over.  Dad came through at the end of the reading which was beautiful and difficult all at the same time.


October   Once October comes around it is time to find a Halloween costume.  Kathi and Kristen promised to come out and help set up for the party and to play too! I never knew Kathi had skills at spider webs – she put up three rooms of webs which transformed the house - giving it an even spookier setting.  I loved it!   The party went over quite smoothly for the most part.  I did have to replace the shower rod and toilet paper holder in the guest bathroom though.  Jakey’s soccer team has won every game except one so far, and it looks like they are headed to the playoffs.  Jakey also made honor roll this quarter – good job Jakey! 


November  Dad’s one year anniversary came around and while it was a difficult day/year to get through I felt the love and support of my family and friends.  Thanksgiving was completely different than normal – Tom and Kathi were unable to come out and Mikey went to WI.  So, we had to hold down the fort without them at mom’s house.  Damian, Autumn, and Chris met Jakob and me at 5am to start making the rolls.  This year I put too much butter in the first batch… Three times too much… But, I think Mikey is right, you can never have too much butter.  We shopped and shopped the day after Thanksgiving, even Heather rallied and came out – and that is a rare occasion! 


December   It was Jakey’s first year being away on Christmas Day.  Although it was different and a bit difficult I think it is important for Jakey to know what the holidays are like with his siblings.  We had our traditional viewing of the lights and white elephant gift exchange.  I think the gift most people avoided was the gift certificate to have the McDevitt kids stay at your place… it never expires… go figure!   Jakey made the silver All-Stars team which means he will be playing in three additional soccer tournaments – the first being December 30th and 31st.  I just found out that I need to volunteer four hours in that tournament… I missed the class and so when I show up I’ll just have to find out exactly what a Field Marshall does!  Jakey’s soccer team Dirty Laundry became the regional champs for Fountain Valley and will be playing in a tournament in February of 2007. In addition, he is starting up baseball again in January.  Lucky me – it looks like I will have my hands full next year! 


 Jakob/Elvis and I wish you all a happy 2007!