Williams Family

Christmas 2004


Another exciting trip around the calendar at the Williams house.


We left off last December with Jennifer’s 19th birthday.  Along with the ladies ornament exchange, the WGA party, Metrocall party, Myford PTO party and New Year’s Eve at Mike & Sheila’s we added a new tradition this year. Following the Fountain Valley Christmas lights viewing, Mary hosted a white-elephant gift exchange.  Julie had the right idea by throwing all of her junk into one bag and giving it away.  Big prizes included a 3-foot high bottle of Heineken, a Blues Clues piñata and a framed picture of Mary.  Then, the BIG DAY.  We had church and dinner at our house on Christmas Eve.  Then, Santa presents in the morning and all day at Mom and Dad Williams – opening  one . . . present . . . at . . . a . . . time.


In January Chris went on his first overnight camping trip, 5th grade outdoor education/science camp, and they saw snow!  We helped Georgia and Jake celebrate their 5th and 8th birthday parties.  In Kim’s Rainbow organization, she was nominated to the position of Patriotism and sewed her own red, white and blue dress.



February started with Superbowl at our house. Damian’s beloved Tivo received its biggest workout during the half time wardrobe malfunction fiasco.  To steal a quote from the movie Scrooged, “You can hardly see them nipples” and the guys in the garage were really looking!  Lisa visited Seattle for a business trip.  Big surprise – it rained.  For Brownies’ International Day Autumn’s troop performed the Chinese Dragon dance and she played the head of the dragon.  Since the Girl Scout International day was held at Damian’s Elks Lodge he offered to chaperone the girls with some of the other moms.  Two hours into the function Damian went looking for soft drinks for the parents.  Once outside of the Girl Scout function he was quickly accosted by lodge members requesting to see his membership card.  Damian’s first response was to get angry then it turned into determination to start attending every meeting and find out what the heck is going on at his lodge.  Kim was invited by her friends Sarah and Stephanie to see the ship The Lady Washington in Huntington Beach.  The girls even took a tour aboard around the bay and Kim immediately got sick.  Dramamine was invented for people like Kim. Lisa started classes at Cal State Fullerton.



Much of March was spent selling and delivering Girl Scout cookies. While Autumn did not sell as many this year the family was also grateful that we did not have as many boxes lying around the house.    Kim participated in a ritual contest in Rainbow and she placed second in her age group for the local region.  Chris and Damian attended Myford’s “guy stuff” program.  There is nothing like sitting in a room filled with 5th graders snickering and laughing every time the word breast is uttered.  Jennifer, Danny and Haylee moved to a new townhouse in Anaheim this month.



In April Chris has his birthday at LaserQuest with pizza at Angelo & Vinci’s. Damian’s cousin Meji, his daughter Ranae, and his son Reese came out for a visit.  Damian, Meji and all the kids went to Disneyland and California Adventure.  Somehow the children seem to have so much more energy than the adults do, but everyone had a great time.  For Easter, we took the kids to hunt eggs at St. Thomas More and color eggs with all the cousins at our home.  It is hard to imagine how many colors the table would be if it was not for the invention of plastic backed paper table cloths.  We celebrated Mike and Sheila’s birthday at our friends, Danny and Beth’s house.  I am sure of two things, one that everyone had a great time and two that we went through an awful lot of wine.   Kim attended Rainbow’s Grand Assembly and won second place in the sewing contest.  She almost did not enter the contest because Lisa had ironed the fabric before Kim started it and the rules stated Kim needed to do everything herself.  Once the advisors saw the dress and found out why Kim had not entered it they made calls to get her and the dress entered into the contest.  After attending every lodge meeting since February one of the officers asked if Damian if he could give them a hand.  Damian said sure and next thing you know he is has now taken on the responsibilities of Assistant Esquire.



Birthday celebrations continued in May with Rebecca’s second birthday and Mary’s surprise 30th birthday bash, complete with a two-hour “Something About Mary” video.  Mike did a great job putting it together and Mary made a big mistake by not destroying her old videos years ago.  If you have not had a chance to see it you should see if any copies are still floating around on ebay or get in touch with us and we will see about getting you a copy.  Kim’s new position in Rainbow is Chaplain.  The night before Mother’s Day Chris dropped a knife on his foot. Damian was trying to explain to Chris that he just needed to walk it off but Lisa, being the mom, wisely suggest it might need a bit more than that, sending us to the walk-in clinic.  Damian went up to the Elks state convention in Ontario.  As the Assistant Esquire one of his new responsibilities was to host the hospitality suite.  His bartending (and cookies) were a big hit.



School ends in June. Kim was promoted from Pioneer Middle School with an MTV-style party at school, wearing another dress she made.  Chris was promoted from Myford Elementary and the 5th graders celebrated at Wild Rivers.  Autumn finished third grade at Myford and Lisa, well, she just keeps going to school.   Kim has already moved into her high school role.  She is on the high school frosh-soph cheer squad and she attended her first Life-Teen retreat – on a houseboat, no less.  Damian was awarded Elk of the Month (we think it was the cookies!).  And then, there was the highlight of our year, our 15th anniversary party 50’s style.  





Of course, July starts with the Keelson Avenue July 4th block party.  This year, cousin Richie along with his wife, Roberta and their daughter Alexandria came down from Sacramento for the party.   We brought it to a new level this year – the fire department showed up. Sure, we didn’t start the fire, but we did make them stay around for pictures.  This was just another opportunity for Damian and the kids to sucker some poor family to go with them to Disneyland and California Adventure.    Our cousins from the north looked to have a great time and Autumn just about adopted Alexandria as her sister as the two of them became inseparable. On July 11, 2004 Grandma Peggy passed from this life to the next.  Dad Williams was in South Carolina with the rest of his siblings when she passed.  Damian with his Mom and siblings went to be with Dad at this sad time. There was a beautiful ceremony held at the mansion.  After which she was laid to rest next to her husband, Grandpa Tom, who had passed away 24 years to the day earlier.  Continuing the circle of life Sarah had her first birthday party as Pat and Trisha’s youngest.  She better enjoy it while it lasts, because she won’t be the baby much longer.  We attended Lisa’s 20-year CMHS reunion at the Hard Rock Café and a family picnic at Tewinkle Park.  It’s always good to see old friends (not that we’re old!). Lisa and Autumn attended a week of Girl Scout Twilight camp.  Damian and Mike helped their friend Jody Chow put up an awning in his backyard.  Though it came out really nice, it was a brave move for Jody as the last time he invited the boys up to help put in a microwave they had screwed a pocket door open permanently. 



During Lisa’s brief school break, she went on a business trip to Virginia.  Kim was at camp pretty much all month – first cheer camp, then camping with Stephanie then Life-Teen retreat.  Lisa, Kim and Autumn had a girls’ day out to see the Princess Diaries 2 and have a princess tea in Hollywood.  While the girls were out Damian had Chris install a ceiling light fixture and no one got shocked.  They then went to BJ’s Brew House for a burger and root beer, then off to see Spiderman II.  You could almost smell the testosterone.  We had Haylee’s first birthday party at our house.  It’s hard to believe she’s a year old – walking, talking and everything!  Everyone started school in September:  Lisa in her senior year at CSUF; Jennifer started child development classes at Santa Ana college; Kim went into 9th grade at the brand-spanking-new Beckman high school; Chris began 6th grade at Pioneer and Autumn is in 4th grade at Myford.  Lisa is still with Myford’s PTO, this year as historian.  Taking pictures and making a scrapbook is much better than auditing the financials!



In September, Autumn continued with her Girl Scout troop.  She moved up from Brownies to Juniors this year.  Chris returned to AYSO soccer on the Knights team.  The family attended an Angels’ game with the Elks on the eleventh and there was wonderful tribute during the 7th inning stretch to those in the military fighting so far from home.  Kim’s new position in Rainbow is drill leader.  Lisa and Autumn went to Sea World’s adventure camp with the girl scout troop for a weekend.  Cake week starts with Autumn’s 9th birthday, which she celebrated with friends at Boomer’s, followed by a slumber party.  For Kim’s 14th birthday she had a house-full of girls over for a movie night sleepover, with more popcorn and candy than you’ve ever seen outside of a movie theater.  Somewhere in there Damian turned 39 (or 40 if he’s at the Elks’).



Lisa spent her birthday watching Kim and her cheer squad at the Tiller Days parade, then to Rainbow installation and Chris’ AYSO soccer pictures and kick-a-thon.  Kim’s squad placed second in the parade (of two squads in their category).  The cheer squad also sponsored a clinic for younger girls, which Autumn attended and enjoyed.  At Mary’s Halloween party we went as Fred and Wilma, complete with Fred’s water buffalo lodge hat.  The kids trick-or-treated as a devil (Kim), Dracula (Chris) and a vampiress (Autumn).  We did not do a haunted house this year, so it was a pretty slow night for trick-or-treaters.



In November Autumn went to Camp Scherman for the weekend.  While she was gone, we got a new car – a Toyota Prius.  That same weekend Damian left for a business trip in Hawaii (it was terrible, really) and Lisa volunteered at the Dino Dash at 4:30 a.m.  Damian has been promoted to Esquire at the Elks (somewhat against his will). Once again Chris was in the walk-in clinic, then the emergency room because his chest hurt.  We still don’t know if it was his heart or an injury from falling off his bike.  Mom Williams had her birthday at a Chinese restaurant and Nick had a party for his 4th birthday.  His new baby sister (his third little sister), Alex, arrived just a few days earlier. After seeing her first quarter grades, Kim made the tough decision to quit cheer.  Three nights a week of practice, plus games along with Rainbow and confirmation class was just too much to do along with homework.  Lisa’s company completed a merger this month and is now called USA Mobility.  No, they don’t sell wheelchairs.  For Thanksgiving, Damian “only” made a turkey, two pies, a cake and sweet potato soufflé.  Kathi’s and Tom’s families made the trek from Arizona to join us for the eating, Trivial Pursuit (girls won!) and after-Thanksgiving shopping.



For December we plan on Alex’s baptism and the ornament exchange at Knotts, on the same day.  And in the middle of Jennifer’s 20th birthday, the parties for WGA, PTO and Mary’s white elephant, Lisa has to make a business trip to Denver. We are prepared for the white elephant exchange.  We have been hunting and gathering all year for the perfect gifts.



We wish everyone wonderful holiday celebrations and an exciting year to come.  God bless you and yours all the year long.


P.S.:  The annual reminder . . . If you received this by snail mail and prefer to access it via the web (complete with pictures) at www.williamsfamily.org, or vice-versa, just email and let us know.  Damianwilliams@cox.net or Lisawilliams@cox.net.


Damian, Lisa, Kimberly, Chris, Autumn

Jennifer & Haylee